About US

About US

Neural TTS is the only text-to-speech provider with a human voice generator. Instead of using a computer voice which is automated and gets boring, NeuralTTS uses a person who reads every single text to speech that you write.

Neural TTS offers a diverse range of text-to-speech (TTS) solutions. TTS can be easily embedded into web pages, Windows apps, Android apps, and iPhone apps. With text-to-speech technology, it allows site owners and developers to bring new life to their content by adding voices to their written content. The addition of spoken words can increase accessibility to many.

Neural TTS was established in 2021 to develop a personal technology that enables anyone to speak by simply typing on their smartphone. The company was founded by an extremely passionate team of researchers, engineers, and visionaries who is committed to contributing to the creation of a speech-language interface that benefits individuals and society. With our ai voice generator free tool you can create high-quality professional voices.

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